Ah, Springtime, Your Scent Is…Skunk.


Good morning.

 While a hundred-something years of Diner work has me waking up at four in the morning anyway, this morning was different…and … scented.

 You’re sleeping, you’re sleeping, you’re coming awake…what is that…no, go back to sleep…but it…Oh, Damn!  


At least, being February in Connecticut means that the windows were closed.  I only woke up to a slight face full of Pepe LePew.

This is actually a good thing.  Pepe’s return means that Winter is just about out of here.  Not that it ever really showed up to begin with.   We had a total of less than a foot of snow over the entire season, and several inches of that were on Halloween.  The only other snow my little slice of Connecticut had, was  gone within a couple of days because the temps shot right back up to fifty.

I’ll take it!

Today is Friday, February 17th.  Last year, this time, we were under several feet of snow, with more on the way.  This year, I’m planting spinach.

Yes!  I’m going to do it.  I was walking around out there a bit yesterday, and I found a left over spinach plant that had gone unnoticed, growing.  Huh.  Well, cool.  I’m going to get the window boxes out and try my luck.  What have I to lose but a package of seed?

Seed, I have plenty of.  My orders from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Park Seed came in, Henry fields sent their big package of goodies, and after I spoke to Mike yesterday, (all the way from Frozen Florence, Italia!) I went right to Refining Fire Chiles and ordered a pack of sugar snap pea seeds.  You remember Mike?  He says, this is the time to start peas, especially since it’s so warm, and he can make rocks grow, so…off I went to order seeds…and more scallions, of course!

I’m not going to “officially” declare winter over…winter ‘s end brings with it a scent, a whisper..hard to describe, but the air smells sweeter, more promising…and that’s sans Pepe, by the way.  I haven’t smelled that sweetness in the air yet.   So, while I’m not “officially” declaring winter over, I will say that…should I plant my small spinach boxes and peas only to have Winter say, “Hey, Connecticut!  We forgot those guys!” and decide to show up..it won’t matter.  Time’s up!  We’re halfway through February, so even if it gets rough, it won’t stay that way for long.

Tomato time is a couple of months away.  For now…spinach, peas, possibly scallions…it’s time to start the garden.

Stay tuned!  We still have to name all those garlic plants!





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