Getting Itchy


We’re coming into February in Connecticut. It’s warm! Right now, it’s almost eleven o’clock at night, and it’s in the low forties. I peeked at the forecast, and it’s looking like more of the same for the coming week.

I’m getting itchy. I’m actually considering turning over that garden, the raised beds, or maybe just the window boxes, and starting some spinach.

Reggie is happy. He’s in front of the window, under the lights, and happy. The garlic, as far as I can tell, is doing very well. They’re all named (more on that later) and growing.  It’s hard to tell with garlic. It’s under ground. The foliage looks good, though. How long does garlic take to make garlic? I have no clue. It’s an experiment.  And they don’t talk to me like Reggie does.  They just murmur amongst themselves…really, they’re just a tiny bit cultish and creepy.  Reggie communicates with them, though, in the way of plants, and says they’re cool.

I have faith in Reggie.  He swears he still feels good!  He says he might want to go Outside this summer, stay in his pot, and become food for the butterfly worms.  If he doesn’t go to seed, I expect that is exactly what he will do.  Hey, it’s how he started out, so why not?  When it gets warm enough, he can pick out his favorite sunny rock near the Butterfly Bush, and produce green for the butterfly worms.

I want some green. I want to plant, dig, get all dirty and smelly. I want….this!

Now, that one was taken on July 26th of last year, just about halfway through the season. That pic covered about half of what all was happening out there. Needless to say, I’ll be culling things just a tad this summer.

But… “buts.” I’ll scale it back some.

I’m planning a trip to the local farmer for some sheep doo next weekend. Huh.   Maybe tomorrow. Maybe turning some sheep doo into the raised beds will make me feel better.

And when Winter decides to revisit Connecticut, it’ll be okay! Sheep doo, I am told, freezes well.

Next get to read the story of how my broccoli buddies, my wise and kind parsley, and a very special little crocheted hippie girl helped me to name a planter full of garlic bulbs. Wow, what a day that was!

With or without the spinach seeds, with or without the sheep doo…I am picking up a tool tomorrow.

It’s in the forties in February, in Connecticut.

I must garden!


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