Time to Say Goodnight to my Broccolis


I’m torn between being sad, and being delighted.  It was finally time to take my little broccoli plants down.  The heads, though they stayed small, were getting quite rangy, and I started seeing a flower or two trying to pop.

Time to say, “Good Night.”

They did not suffer.  They went, unafraid.  They knew it was their time, and they were OK with that.  Better to go on, than to go to waste.

So, I’m sad…but I’m delighted.  I successfully grew broccoli Inside, in the winter, in Connecticut.  The heads stayed small, but the plants grew, thrived.

I’ll try again, Outside, in the spring.  It’s way too cold out on that porch now to even consider another run.

Now, the garlic, mind you, they’re supremely happy since I bumped up their height and got them closer to the light.  I moved Reggie away from that window, brought him up a couple of notches, and have him sitting right under the lights.  The lights are throwing just enough heat to keep them happy.

In the spring, I’ll plant new parsley.  Reggie is still hanging in there, but for how much longer?  He’ll tell me.   In the spring,  I’ll plant fresh.  Flat leaf for me, and “Reggie” leaf (curly) for the butterflies.

In the spring, I’ll plant fresh broccoli.  I’ll plant them out there with the orange and purple cauliflower!

For now, our friend, Reggie, is overseeing the garlic.  I hear there may be some…er…behavior issues, perhaps a sort of cult mentality…

Or maybe they’re all just pulling my leaves.


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