Longest DUH Moment In Recorded History


If there is such a record as the longest DUH moment in recorded history, I plan to apply for the dubious honor.  If there isn’t…I’m claiming it right now.

OK…let’s back up to why I’m claiming the longest DUH moment in recorded history.

When did I plant the broccoli Outside?  Roughly, I planted the broccoli Outside, in mid-September.  When did I decide to bring it in? Near the end of October, when there was cold and snow forecast.  I brought Drake, Bud and Little Sprite Inside, with Reggie, rescued the hot peppers from the snow, picked all that spinach IN the snow…

We remember that, from previous posts, I believe.  I brought the broccoli plants through The Portal, to Inside, put them on the table under the nice warm lights, and started their grand Inside adventure.  I started the garlic in the same spot a couple-few weeks ago.  Everyone’s out there, enjoying each other’s company, having a grand old time of it, except for one thing…light. 

This has got to be the hardest issue faced when growing veggies in containers, Inside.  You all remember Drake,  my runner, my tall guy.  Bud is shorter, stockier, and Little Sprite, who is now almost as tall as Drake, is catching up beautifully.

Drake grows more like a weed than a vegetable.  I keep having to junk up the light source to keep him from burning his buds on the bulbs.  That’s wonderful, except that every time I bump up the light for Drake, I leave poor Bud and Sprite further away from the light and warmth. 

The poor baby garlic sprouts are in the pot, reaching, whispering, “Liiiiight…liiiiight…”  It’s pitiful.   They’re just babies!  Drake feels bad, too.   He’s such a great plant, he even suggested that I move him out from under the lights, and lower the bulbs for the other plants until they catch up.  Of course…no.  There has got to be another way!

Mike and I discussed it, and he suggested mirrors, to catch and reflect the light back onto the plants.  Great idea, and I’m searching through storage boxes for old mirrors.  I found one.  Just one.  I don’t have mirrors, except in the bathroom, as I have this whole casting-a-reflection issue…but I’m digressing again.  I found one mirror and I’m going to give it to the garlic babies.

Mike was joking, saying I should have the technology here in my weird science lab to cut up the shop light and put the pieces up at different heights for each plant.  If I could only figure out how to get the bulbs to go along with that…

Walked away from it again, went out back to sweep up the patio, and came across a brick.

Picked up the brick.  Looked at the brick.  Almost swatted myself in the head with the brick.

Inner Voice said, “Raise the planters up onto bricks, Dummy.”


Where the Hell was Inner Voice these past couple few weeks while I stumbled about, drooling,  staring into space, muttering, trying to think up ways to cut flourescent bulbs into three working parts!

So, here it is.  This is my formal application for Longest Running DUH Moment in Recorded History.

As for the plants, they are blissfully happy now!  The boys are all the same height, having scrounged around for bricks and paving stones, and have responded so well that I just had to raise the light again.  This time, it was to keep from burning Bud!



Reggie got raised up onto an inverted, empty planter to better catch the sun’s rays through the window, and responded immediately, with healthy new greenery,


and the garlic sprouts, also raised up on an inverted planter, are ecstatic!  Every single garlic “toe” I planted has sprouted, and they’re all growing fast, fast, fast.  “Tiny” isn’t so tiny any more! 



Tomorrow, the Boys and I are getting together to name the rest of the garlic sprouts.  They will all be labeled, like Tiny is. 

For Christmas, they all made a new friend!  This is “Scribbles,” (*) who sat for her picture with Bud and Reggie.  She’s totally into the Green Initiative.  Scribbles won’t be with us for long, she’s just hanging out until I get her to her intended human, my little grand-niece, Sophia.  But, she does have a sister, and a brother, who are on their way.  She’s going to help us name all those garlic sprouts!





I’ll keep you posted….Merry Christmas!

(*) The pattern for “Scribbles” is actually titled, “Jack and Jill,” and is from “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crochet Projects.”  You can get a copy from pretty much any book seller, like Amazon…or check your local library.




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