Here Comes the Tomato Sauce…Eventually


It’s Monday in Connecticut, cloudy with rain forecast…and I don’t care a whit.  The temps here are holding, for now, in the fifties.  No more snow…yet.  Clean up in the garden is under control…for today, anyway…and housework?  Housework will always be there, no matter what.

 So…time to finally start the tomato sauce from the season’s tomatoes!

I dragged everything out of the freezer, gathered my wares.  At the end of the season, I was down to just gathering the last of the tomatoes and freezing them whole, so two gallon-sized bags of whole tomatoes went into this mix, with another several bags of puree. 

Confidentially, there’s a bag of eggplant puree in there, too.  Why toss all that good eggplant?  Unfortunately, I can only use so much, and had a banner crop, so I pureed it for future reference…tomato sauce.  Did it with the last sauce, too.  The eggplant added a touch of texture and flavor, and added protein.  Best part?  None of my eggplant haters knew it was in there…until I got my jollies telling them.  Evil?  Maybe, just a little….

And would you believe it…I did not grow a single sweet pepper.  The grocery store provided me with a couple of onions and two big, beautiful sweet peppers.  I also had some little bunching onions from the garden, and oh, yeah…I will grow them again next year!  I never expected a little finger-sized onion to have such snap, so much flavor.  They might get a special spot in the yard so I can plant lots and lots!

What garlic I didn’t plant for my science experiment were ground up with olive oil and parsley, and into the mix some of that went.  Reggie was very generous with his dreads, adding to the mix, and his friend, Timara (thyme) added her special flavor.  No oregano.  Go figure, a tomato sauce without oregano.  But, I hate the stuff, so…no oregano.

Got it all mixed up and brought it all to a boil, then turned it down, for a nice, long, slow roast.  You knew it!  I turned that vintage roaster oven into an 18-quart crock pot.  This will stew overnight. 

Right now…it’s ugly!  The veggies are all very coarsely chopped, some of the tomatoes are whole, I didn’t even bother chopping the parsley, just stripped the leaves off the stems, and did the same with the thyme.  After this is cooked, it’s all going into the blender, anyway, to liquefy, as we all like a nice, smooth sauce.

The final ingredient?  That will be one or two pounds (depending on texture and whim) of grated parmesan cheese.  I’ll add that in the final three or four hours of cook time.  This is what I did with the last batch of sauce at the beginning of the harvest  (which really lasted all summer and into November) and that sauce was phenomenal.  I have people waiting at my door for more.  Cross fingers!  I’m hoping I can duplicate it…or even better, improve?

I’ll keep you posted!

Now, onto my broccoli babies…they’re growing!  Against all odds, they are growing, producing heads, producing even more buds. 

Even Little Sprite (who declined being photographed close up today) is getting heavier.  Drake is my “tall guy,” 


and Bud is stocky, budding…overall an amazing plant.

Nothing happening in the garlic pot yet, but I’m hopeful.  Everything growing out there is slow, probably just because it’s indoors, and the porch, while enclosed and protected from the elements,  is not heated.

I just took a moment out to go check the sauce, give it a stir…it’s beginning to smell a lot like Heaven!

I guess I should gather up and wash a bunch of canning jars now….

Have a sparkling night!






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