It’s All Over But the…Ugh…Dishes.


Good morning!

Hope this finds everyone still groaning from yesterday’s festivities!  Had a very nice dinner, used the old roaster oven for the bird, outside, and it came out FABULOUS.  Note…when you transfer your roasted turkey from the rack to the platter, and it falls apart…the turkey is done.

Oh!  That was some good stuff!  The roaster sat out there and did the job, also freed up my regular oven for stuffing, my baked squash, and the squash pie.  They were awesome, and especially so, as I grew all the squash this season.  Oh, yeah, I went all out this season, didn’t just grow peppers!  Squash (summer and winter), hot peppers, tomatoes…way too many tomatoes…spinach, cauliflower, three varieties of eggplant, little sugar baby watermelons, and these really cool hybrids called, “Gold Bar” melons…a hybrid of melon and cucumber, and absolutely delicious.  Topped it off with my Dahlias, for even more color…and I did it all in containers.  My brother called it my “bucket jungle.”  The only thing I didn’t have in containers were some marigolds and little salvia plants that my neighbor sent over.

This is just a tiny peek at what my very limited space looked like…and this doesn’t even take in half of it. What a season!

Anyway, back to the day….Now it’s all over, have to strip the leftovers from the bird, and set myself  to washing these dishes, and that roaster pan.  I might just boil that one out with vinegar and baking soda.

There was no way I was going into that last night! I kept that sink cleared all darn day.  At the end of it all, I figured…yeah, they’ll be there tomorrow.  Wish as I would that they would wash themselves, or just get up and crawl out of the house…they would be there in the morning.

And they are.  No, of course I don’t have a dishwasher!  Are you kidding?  THIS is my washing machine!

Can’t put the roaster away, either…have to do tomato sauce from the um-teen plants I had growing (I think I topped out at 70-75 tomato plants) and I’m probably looking at canning around five gallons, or more, of sauce.  At least, that’s what the bags of frozen pureed tomatoes are telling me.  Good thing I bought all those cool vintage canning jars!

Today, going to make a really big batch of home-made instant hot cocoa.  We love Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation.  But, it’s not always on the shelves, and it gets pricey when it isn’t on sale.  So, I’m whipping up a batch, and I’ll keep you posted.  I’m using a big box of instant non-fat dry milk, a jar of French Vanilla Coffee Mate, a can of Hershey’s Special Dark baking cocoa, a bag of Special Dark chips (ground in the food processor with the cocoa) and a “giant” bar of  Special Dark (also ground in the processor.)  I’ll toss in a half cup, maybe a cup, of sugar.  Guess I’ll be doing some taste testing…poor, poor me.

Finally got the hot sauces into jars.  Got a few labeled, too!

And I was poking around in a fractal forum this morning, found one of my oldest fractals.

Cool way to start the day, when you’re avoiding the sink….might just avoid it further, and whip up some cream, have me a slice of squash pie for breakfast.  Mmmmmm…healthy!  Squash is a veggie.  It counts…right?

Have some FUN today!


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