I Found It!


I am so excited!  I founditIfounditIfoundIT!!!!!


OK, I’ll back up a bit…I have been searching my digital database diligently, looking for one particular crochet pattern, a stuffed St. Bernard toy.  Could not find it anywhere in my digi pattern collection.  Searched the internet, came up with nothing more than a picture of what the pattern should look like when finished…and that wasn’t even “my” pattern.

Went down to the garage…it has been said that one should altogether skip the garage when storing things, because it really is just a final stop on the way to the garbage…in most cases, I do just that.  But this time…I have boxes of crochet books, needlework books, knitting books, general craft books, in the garage (as well as in the house) and this time….I found it!

Of course, this is a vintage pattern!  I modernized (aka digitalized) it so I won’t have to drag the old paper pattern around and ruin it.  I would dearly love to claim that I ran it through a high-end scanner and came up with a perfect digital copy, but I can’t.  I stood over it with my cell phone and took a few CCCP’s (Crappy Cell Phone Pics) of it, cleaned it up as best I could in Paint Shop Pro, and…here it is, fellow Hookers!

Left turn…the term, “crochet hook” is redundant.  “Crochet” is French for “hook.”  “Crochet hook” translates to “hook hook.”  Works for me!!!!

OK, back to the path…this guy, if you follow the instructions, and the guage, will stand about 10 inches high when you’re done.  Um…not in my world.  This is a Saint Bernard!  I plan to use double or triple strands of yarn, a K or L hook, and make it…well, a Saint Bernard!  This piece is slated for my little grand niece, just over a year old.  I’m planning on making this guy big enough for her to ride!  I have to look at my yarn stash…it’s almost as obnoxious as my book stash…and see if I have enough “rust” or brown yarn.  If I don’t, I’ll have to go find some, somewhere.  I swear, if I have to shop, I’ll go get something super bulky, like Lion Brand’s Hometown USA.  Superbly thick, smooth yarn, great for everything, especially short atention spans, as it works up quickly.

Toys are my favorite crochet thing.  They develope personalities so fast!  They make people smile.  They satisfy the short attention span.

I plan to change the eyes here.  Will crochet the eyes, sew them on, rather than glue felt pieces.  It will be safer that way, and, I think, more interesting.

Okay, I’ve blabbed your ears (eyes?) off enough…here’s that pattern I promised.  Click on it, save it, use it to your heart’s content.  I have no clue of where it came from, as none of the pages are marked by the publisher.  Might have been a Woman’s Day special issue?

If you have problems downloading these pics, or trouble reading them, or want to talk about crocheting the eyes, feel free to leave a comment so we can blab.

Enjoy the pattern!

This is what your little (or huge) darling will look like…I know, it’s black and white.  Most of us know that Saint Bernards are anywhere from a red brown to a chocolate brown and white…Google images can give you some color schemes, or just follow the pattern suggestions.  I’m already thinking about going silly with it.  Pink, green, purple…it’s all possible. RUN with it.

Have some FUN today!


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