Anyone For Hot Sauce?


Well.  I finally got my mixed peppers made into sauce.  I even tried it, just a drop on the tip of my finger.  It didn’t kill me!  Now I know my pepper freaks will tell me, “It’s good, good flavor, not too hot.”  My tongue tingled for hours…so I know it would be classified as “medium heat.”

Yeesh.  I am such a wuss.

Started with these guys…

Got them all stewed up,

and into temporary homes.  I’m waiting for my canning supplies (tongs!) to come in from Amazon.  I hit pay dirt with the jars!  I followed an ad in the paper, and met this really cool elderly lady…with a basement full of vintage canning jars.  I have a thing about vintage…anyway, the sauce is sitting out there in anything that would hold it.  I only had one gallon jar left, so I grabbed a couple of  old tomato sauce jars, and a few refirgerator jars (vintage, of course) and left them there until my canning tongs come in the mail.  I wound up with about two gallons of this medium heat sauce, and I know I’ll have no trouble finding homes for every drop.

So, now, I’m thinking…I can take some of the really HOT sauce I made the other day, and some of this medium heat stuff, and mix it, to make a hotter sauce.  Three grades?  Warm, hot, and really sick and twisted, rip your guts out and make you cry sauce.

It can happen!  I have jars….


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