Cooking Hot Pepper Sauce In The Elder Statesman


Cool beans!  OK, cool peppers…got my pure habanero sauce started…mixed up all those little hotties with garlic, onion, a little salt, a couple of green-ish garden tomatoes…the last of the fresh ones (the rest are in the deep freeze awaiting my attention…) and tossed them into my stately senior citizen, that 1941 Westinghouse roaster oven.   Sizzled and popped them all around for a while, then added the water and let them stew for a couple of hours.  Now I have a big bowl of stewed hot peppers, which I will puree in the morning with some vinegar and get into some jars.

Here’s my beloved roaster, getting ready to go to work.  This is a serious machine!

Tossed them all in with garlic, fresh tomato, onion…heck, yeah, seeds and all!  That’s where the heat is!

Aren’t they pretty?  This almost looks like a crisp summer salad, ready to just chomp into.  Too bad it would KILL me!

About halfway through the cooking process, just about to add the water…I opened the lid and got knocked back a foot by the fumes.  This is going to be some seriously HOT sauce.

Now, tomorrow, I’ll go back outside, (I can’t make this stuff in the house.  It chokes my family.)  and bring the blender with me.  I figure I can puree this batch while I fumigate the neighborhood with the next one.

Aaaand, now it’s tomorrow already? Wow.  Well, I finally got my evil habs all stewed up and ready to get mixed up with the vinegar, pureed…liquifies…whipped…essentially destroyed.

Did some voodoo with the blender and food processor, and came up with a whopping gallon if…get this…”Wendy’s Rippin’ Deadly Lunatic Demon Goo.”  I was bouncing names off of everyone who would listen (and probably a few that didn’t care to) and came up with this.  My cousin, Wendy (poor kid was named after me) immedialtely second(ed?) that motion, so…a new hot sauce is born.  Now to get it all into jars!

Now, who in Heaven’s name is going to eat a whole gallon of this stuff????  Not me.  I don’t eat hot peppers.  I do have friends and family (brave souls…or silly) asking for it, so they can go for it.  I just grow the things, pack up the sauce and give it away for kicks.

Next up:  A milder mixed pepper sauce…still blazing, but a whole lot more civilized.

See you then!


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