Hello world!



How to explain schmoozelfleugen?  There’s no dictionary definition, because I made it up. 

Here’s how it went…

A long time ago, in a land not so far away, I decided to play with paint.  Oh, an artist?  Um…no.  My sister is the artist.  I just play with paint.  I do abstracts. 

My sister, Memmie, said, “Abstracts are so…abstract.  What you do is far more interesting than a lot of the abstracts I’ve seen.”

So, I decided to call it, Schmoozelfleugen.  Why?  No clue!  It just popped into my head, tossed itself out of my mouth, and a new word was born.

The dictionary says that “schmooze,” roughly defined, is a way of communicating in a casual manner.  Okay, that works for me!    “Fleugen?”  May have been a nod to my German Granny. 

For me, the concept is simple…it’s when ecclecticism goes beyond the pale, to being just plain silly.  I’m silly!  It’s just how I choose to live. 

So, the concept of Schmoozelfleugen was born, and I’ve been happily applying it to everything I love to do…gardening, cooking, crochet, painted “art,”  digital “art,”  fractal art (note I didn’t quote the word there.  Fractal art is for real!)

That mentions a few of my favorite things.  Now, about that attention span…forgive me, in advance, for having the attention span of a gnat.  I’m already thinking, it’s time to go outside and see to my hot sauce, cooking in an ancient Westinghouse roaster oven on the porch.  I have to cook it outside, as the fumes will getcha. 

So, I’ll be back, with some cool pictures of the ancient Wenstinghouse roaster oven and the deadly hot sauce.  See you then!




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